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How Can I Upgrade My Vasectomy Experience?

How Can I Upgrade My Vasectomy Experience?

The entire experience of having a vasectomy at the San Diego Vasectomy Center (SDVC) is designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. The procedure is inherently short, often taking around 10-15 minutes in total, and recovery is centered around rest and frozen peas used over the course of a long weekend, not the intensive process men tend to incorrectly expect.

However, an elevated level of comfort, ease and assistance is an understandable desire, and SDVC has two special vasectomy packages created to meet those needs.

The Executive Package

  • First visit consultation
  • VIP priority scheduling
  • Physical exam
  • Pre-vasectomy sperm analysis upon request
  • Sperm freezing for future use upon request
  • Sperm storage included for three years
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive forms
  • Pre-op visit
  • Staff assistance in form completion
  • Pain prescriptions
  • Access to a concierge receptionist
  • Athletic support
  • Conscious sedation fees
  • Surgeon and assistance fees
  • Facility fees
  • Post-op care fees
  • Exparel (single-dose pain relief)
  • Follow-up phone call day after procedure
  • 24-hour direct physician access
  • Two-week post-op visit fees

The CEO Package

The CEO Package features all of the items included in the Executive Package along with the following upgrades:

  • 4-star accommodation for two days
  • Skype video consultation with your physician
  • Interpreters available upon request
  • Sperm storage included for five years
  • Noise-cancelling headphones

Please note: These items can be included in the Executive Package for a nominal fee upon request.

Why should I upgrade my vasectomy?

Our staff has found that those patients who prefer to upgrade their vasectomy experience tend to be those who are more hesitant to undergo the procedure as well as those who are traveling to visit specifically with Dr. Martin Bastuba of SDVC. Many of Dr. Bastuba’s vasectomy patients travel from all over the globe for his expertise, and our Executive and CEO packages are of great assistance in terms of easing the stress of travel. We also understand why patients may be hesitant to undergo the procedure, and have concerns about discomfort and pain both during and after their time at SDVC. We’ve addressed these concerns in full within the following blog posts:

If you are interested in scheduling your vasectomy through one of our two upgraded packages, please contact our office today.