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Video: Freeze First! Fertility Preservation

https://www.spermbankcalifornia.com – “If we recognize that fertility is one of the most important things to patients and couples at certain times in their life… it helps bring into focus just how important it is to try to maintain the fertility options prior to chemotherapy, prior to a vasectomy, prior to going away in the military and being put in harms way.” – Dr. Martin Bastuba, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Contact Us About Pre-vasectomy Sperm Banking

While a vasectomy should be considered a long-term form of birth control, sometimes individuals will have a change of heart and want more children.

We encourage all patients to consider sperm banking before getting a vasectomy. We have worked with many patients that did not want to store their sperm and are now undergoing the far more costly and invasive sperm retrieval or vasectomy reversal procedures in order to have more children. When it comes to your reproductive future, we urge you to err on the side of caution.

Pre-vasectomy Sperm Banking

The pre-vasectomy sperm banking process is very simple. Refrain from ejaculating several days before submitting your semen sample. The sperm can be collected in one visit or spread out over several visits which provides a larger sample size for storage. There are 3 steps involved:

  • Semen will be collected into a vial
  • Blood tests will be screened for infectious diseases
  • The sperm is then divided into several different vials for storage

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