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World Vasectomy Day 2017

World Vasectomy Day 2017

San Diego Vasectomy Center (SDVC) recognizes Friday, November 17, as World Vasectomy Day. World Vasectomy Day was created to address two core global needs: a lack of understanding regarding the vasectomy procedure and a lack of male participation in family planning.

Are you considering a vasectomy?

In our experience, there can be a delay between a patient expressing interest in having a vasectomy and scheduling the procedure. Our understanding is that this delay is due to patient concerns about a painful, long recovery period. There are men who wince at the mere mention of the word “vasectomy,” as they are convinced that the pain during and after the procedure is an absolute deal breaker.

Get the facts!

  • A vasectomy typically takes around 10-30 minutes, though most are closer to 10.
  • Your SDVC surgeon will offer Exparel, a long-lasting anesthetic to relieve pain for three days post-procedure.
  • Most men describe recovery as uneventful, finding that there is some mild discomfort and soreness, but that it can be relieved by over-the-counter pain medication and/or a frozen pack (usually peas) applied to the groin.
  • Many men return to work in just 2-3 days post-procedure, but you need to avoid heavy physical activity for several days. This includes exercise, lifting, etc.
  • Sexual arousal may be uncomfortable for a few days, but the discomfort will end around the time you return to work.

Men and family planning

One of the key elements of World Vasectomy Day is highlighting the opportunity for men to step up their role in family planning. Family planning goals vary from one couple to another, but more often than not, the female partner is ultimately responsible for pregnancy prevention.

When couples are not yet ready to have children, contraceptive options tend to fall on the female partner (birth control pill, IUD, injection, patch), unless a condom is consistently used. When a couple has completed their family, this responsibility typically still falls on the female partner, in the form of either continued contraception usage or a tubal ligation.

Compared to a tubal ligation – in terms of cost, recovery and level of invasiveness – a vasectomy is the obvious preferred option. Of course, every couple is different, but we welcome the discussion that opens up family planning responsibility to both partners.