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Five Reasons to Choose an Executive Vasectomy at SDVC

Five Reasons to Choose an Executive Vasectomy at SDVC

Is getting a vasectomy one of your New Year’s resolutions? Many prospective vasectomy patients have already decided that a vasectomy is the right choice for their family planning needs, but they simply haven’t scheduled their appointment or consultation. We at the San Diego Vasectomy Center (SDVC) understand that certain myths and misconceptions about the vasectomy procedure can seem daunting, especially for those still under the impression that their vasectomy will be invasive or painful.

We offer all of our patients the No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy, but for those who may be hesitant to undergo the procedure, we offer two packages that help ease any discomfort around the experience: The Executive Vasectomy Plan and the CEO Vasectomy Plan.

The Executive Vasectomy Plan

The Executive Vasectomy Plan provides patients with additional options, such as priority scheduling, in the event you need to visit with SDVC’s Dr. Martin Bastuba earlier or later than initially planned. Other benefits under our executive package include sperm freezing with three years of storage, a concierge receptionist, hands-on assistance during your workup, pain prescriptions, and more.

The Executive Vasectomy Plan is recommended for patients who are certain a vasectomy is the right choice, but are still concerned about pain or recovery. This apprehension is common and usually allayed after an initial vasectomy consultation with Dr. Bastuba, but the Executive Vasectomy Plan is still available for patients who decide that extra comfort best suits their needs.

For a full list of the services available under this plan, please visit The Executive Vasectomy Experience.

The CEO Vasectomy Plan

The CEO Vasectomy Plan includes everything offered in the Executive Vasectomy Plan, plus additional luxurious accommodations. Patients who opt in for the CEO plan receive a two-day, 4-star hotel accommodation for optimal recovery post-procedure, Skype consultation with Dr. Bastuba, transportation to SDVC on the day of your procedure, and more.

Patients are able to select certain services provided under the CEO Vasectomy Plan while using the Executive Vasectomy Plan. A nominal fee will be applied to utilize these additional services.

If you are ready to schedule your consultation with SDVC, please contact our office.