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Will a Vasectomy Hurt My Sex Drive?

Will a Vasectomy Hurt My Sex Drive?

Even after years of debunking, there is an unfortunate misconception that if you have a vasectomy, your sex drive will be negatively affected. The good news is that this misconception is simply not true. Having a vasectomy will not decrease your sex drive or hurt your sex life. In fact, many men report that their sex lives actually improve due to the newfound spontaneity no longer challenged by selecting a birth control method before sexual activity.

The truth is, a man’s testosterone will not be reduced because he has a vasectomy. The procedure only involves a very small opening on each side of the scrotum in order to cut, tie, and replace the vas deferens valves, which carry sperm from the testes. This minor procedure prevents sperm from entering the ejaculate, eliminating the man’s ability to conceive. Testosterone, a male sex hormone, plays no role in the vasectomy procedure. The amount of semen produced, the color of your ejaculate, and how sex feels will stay the same after a vasectomy as well.

The benefit of a No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy is that your surgery is designed to minimally impact your daily routine, allowing for a quick recovery and the ability to return to normal activities within a couple of days. Yes, you will be asked to refrain from intercourse for at least seven days, but that is to ensure that you have properly healed and to prevent any discomfort that can stem from arousal post-procedure.

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