5:49 pm Martin Bastuba

1. A Vasectomy is Over 99% Effective.

A vasectomy procedure is one of the most reliable forms of birth control – over 99% effective. After a vasectomy there’s no need to worry about pills, condoms, creams, rings or other devices. This life-long form of birth control can make your sex life more enjoyable and carefree.

2. A Vasectomy is Low Cost.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of a vasectomy procedure (excluding deductibles and co-pays). Even if your insurance does not provide coverage, a high quality procedure can be obtained for a reasonable fee at San Diego Vasectomy Center.

3. A Vasectomy is Low Risk.

Many couples choose for the male partner to have a vasectomy procedure instead of the female getting her ‘tubes tied,’ because a vasectomy procedure is much less invasive, typically heals faster, has fewer complications and costs less. As with any surgical procedure there is a small risk of infection, however, complications are unusual.

Note: A vasectomy does not protect against STDs. Please continue to use condoms for STD protection.

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