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The Executive Vasectomy

sdvc_executiveSan Diego Vasectomy Center invites you to experience an elevated level of care for your vasectomy procedure, with San Diego’s first ever Executive Vasectomy Experience.

San Diego Vasectomy Center invites you to experience elevated services for your vasectomy. For nearly 20 years, Martin Bastuba, M.D. has been providing exceptional male reproductive care utilizing the most advanced state-of-the-art medical techniques and technology available. Dr. Bastuba is a renowned vasectomy surgeon based in San Diego. Dr. Bastuba and his team offers the latest vasectomy techniques including the no-needle and no-scalpel vasectomy. We provide patients a virtually pain-free experience, from procedure through recovery. These advancements reduce discomfort, decrease the chance of infection and accelerate recovery.

At San Diego Vasectomy Center, we understand that while a vasectomy may be necessary for you, you may still have some concerns. Will I be uncomfortable? How long will the procedure take? How long will my recovery time be? Fortunately, if you have a fear of needles, our exclusive upgraded vasectomy packages are for you.

The Executive Vasectomy Experience offers two distinct plans including the Executive Plan and the CEO Upgrade.

Vasectomy Options Offered:

Description Executive Package CEO Package
Hotel Accommodations
4 star accommodation 2 days (▲) x
Amenities including: t-shirts, sports magazines & DVDs x x
Initial Visit
Skype / Patient Doctor Video Consultation x
First visit consultation x x
Interpreters available x
Work Up
VIP Priority Scheduling x x
Physical exam x x
Pre-vasectomy sperm analysis if requested x x
Sperm freezing (for future use) x x
Sperm storage included 3 years 5 years
Advanced Healthcare Directive forms x x
Pre-op visit x x
Assistance in completing all forms x x
Pain prescriptions x x
Day of Surgery
Transportation to center x
Spa Experience (▲) x
Concierge receptionist x x
Noise-cancelling headsets x
Athletic support Executive Executive
Conscious Sedation fees x x
Upgrade conscious sedation to general anesthesia if desired (▲) x
Surgeon and assistant fees x x
Facility fees x x
Post-op care fees x x
Exparel – single-dose local analgesic that controls pain for up to 72 hours x x
Day After Surgery
Follow-up phone call x x
24 hour direct physician access x x
Two-week post-op visit fees x x

(▲) If not part of package can be obtained for a nominal fee upon request

To learn more about our Executive Vasectomy Experience in our newly constructed La Jolla Vasectomy Clinic please contact our concierge Mel Cohen at 619-286-3520 extension 314.

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