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Vasectomy Cost with Insurance

Vasectomy costs are covered by most health insurance policies. Sometimes, the patient is responsible for a small co-pay or has a deductible that needs to be reached before coverage is provided. To verify insurance coverage, and determine your out of pocket vasectomy cost, please inquire directly with our financial coordinator.

Vasectomy Cost for Out-of-Network Patients

Many patients prefer not to be restricted by their insurance plan when it comes to choosing a surgeon for a procedure as sensitive as a vasectomy. In other instances, patients may not have health insurance.  At San Diego Vasectomy Center, we aim to keep the price of the vasectomy surgery at a level where patients can afford to go out of network and have their procedure performed in the capable hands of Dr. Martin Bastuba.

The total price of a vasectomy is $950, which includes the following:

  • Initial consultation
  • Physical exam
  • The procedure
  • Post-op care
  • A semen analysis to confirm that the vasectomy was successful 90 days after surgery (a $150 value)

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