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Top Vasectomy Pros/Cons List

Top Vasectomy Pros/Cons List

Are you considering a vasectomy in 2018? Many vasectomy patients use the new year as an opportunity to schedule a consultation and get the process underway. For those who may still be on the fence, unsure if having a vasectomy is the right choice, we’ve offered a comprehensive pros/cons list for the procedure below.

The “pros” of having a vasectomy

  • A vasectomy is 99% effective.
  • Most insurance providers will cover the cost of a vasectomy.
  • A vasectomy is less invasive then female tubal ligation surgery when comparing the two procedures for permanent birth control.
  • A vasectomy should be viewed as permanent, but it can reversed if required. Learn about the vasectomy reversal procedure.
  • The procedure takes only 10-30 minutes total.
  • You can return to work within 2-3 days, and normal physical activity can resume in 5-7 days, with the exception of intercourse.
  • Most men describe the initial hours and days post-vasectomy as uncomfortable due to soreness, but not with outright pain.
  • You will know whether the procedure was successful within three months after a vasectomy.
  • Patients report having a more spontaneous sex life post-vasectomy because the need for birth control is removed.
  • You will notice no change to your ejaculation post-vasectomy.
  • There is no correlation between a vasectomy and testicular cancer.
  • If desired, you can upgrade your vasectomy experience at San Diego Vasectomy Center.
  • You have the option of freezing your sperm prior to the procedure if you believe you may want children in the future.

The “cons” of having a vasectomy

  • A vasectomy reversal should not be considered as a go-to option. You will need to consider the vasectomy as permanent prior to the procedure.
  • You’ll need to extend time away from work post-procedure if your job involves heavy lifting or other intense physical activity.
  • It usually takes about four weeks before intercourse is once again comfortable after a vasectomy.
  • There are some short-term side effects patients can experience.
  • Patients are advised to carefully consider their choice of vasectomy surgeon, which can take more time than selecting a non-board-certified urologist with or without experience in the procedure.

We invite those interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Bastuba of SDVC to request an appointment. We’re very happy to answer any questions you may have and address any concerns.