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Should I Get a Vasectomy? A Q&A to Help You Decide

Should I Get a Vasectomy? A Q&A to Help You Decide

The idea of getting a vasectomy is appealing to men looking for a permanent form of contraception, but whether they should go ahead and have the procedure is an entirely different matter. A lot of hesitation comes from long-held vasectomy myths:

Will the procedure be too painful? (It won’t)

Will a vasectomy affect my sexual performance? (It won’t)

In order to help those who are unsure a vasectomy is right for them, San Diego Vasectomy Center has provided a helpful Q&A below.

Who gets a vasectomy?

Men who get a vasectomy want:

  • To enjoy having a highly effective form of contraception (99% effective)
  • To undergo a low-risk, less invasive procedure (when compared to a tubal reversal for your female partner)
  • To helpfully remove the burden of birth control off of their female partner
  • To enjoy a low-cost form of birth control (most insurance companies cover vasectomies)

What if I might want to have a child later in life, but I want long-lasting birth control now?

There is an option for men who wish for permanent contraception but are also not completely sure that they want to close the door on having a child later in life, especially for those who do not yet have children. Men can undergo fertility preservation prior to the vasectomy procedure.

Fertility preservation, also known as cryopreservation or sperm freezing, allows men to preserve their sperm now so they can be used at a later date. Once a high quality sperm sample is taken and frozen, a man can have a vasectomy knowing he can still have a child with the help of assisted reproductive technology (ART) later.

What happens to your sex life after a vasectomy?

Many patients report that their vasectomy has actually improved their sex life. Without the burden of needing contraception such as condoms or birth control pill, men have found that their vasectomy offers a new level of spontaneity to intimacy that wasn’t possible before.

There will be no noticeable change to your ejaculate – color, texture and volume should remain the same as it was prior to the vasectomy.

We invite prospective patients to learn more about vasectomy procedure benefits and to contact SDVC with any questions or concerns.