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Five Vasectomy Facts That Might Surprise You

Five Vasectomy Facts That Might Surprise You

Even though more than 500,000 men choose to get a vasectomy each year, there is still a lot to learn about this very successful procedure. Vasectomy is an increasingly popular solution for long-term contraception and increased sexual spontaneity. A vasectomy offers the opportunity for a male partner to take control of future family planning and it is one of the most trusted, reliable forms of birth control available.

For those who are considering whether a vasectomy is the best option, San Diego Vasectomy Center (SDVC) offers five vasectomy facts that may be surprising.

  1. A vasectomy takes less than 30 minutes.

Most vasectomies take well under 30 minutes to complete. Some are finished in as little as 10 minutes. It is a simple procedure that doesn’t even require the use of a scalpel when using the No Needle No Scalpel technique.

  1. A vasectomy does not protect against STDs.

Vasectomies are very effective at preventing pregnancy, but they do not replace the need for a condom during intercourse to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Even post-vasectomy, common-sense precautions should still be made to protect your sexual health.

  1. A vasectomy is intended to be permanent.

Yes, vasectomies can be reversed. However, a vasectomy is only recommended in cases where a man is certain that his family-building has been completed. Of course, changes to personal circumstances may occur, but having a vasectomy should be taken seriously and should be considered a permanent procedure.

  1. Your sex drive will not be affected post-procedure.

Testosterone levels are not impacted by having a vasectomy. A vasectomy only cuts and ties a man’s vas deferens in his scrotum, which prevents sperm from entering the ejaculate. Sperm is still produced; it is just blocked from coming out. Most patients report a positive effect on their sex life post-procedure because there is no need to worry about contraception.

  1. Most men report only mild soreness post-vasectomy.

The far-fetched idea that men limp out of the doctor’s office in pain after a vasectomy is entirely false. Post-procedure, men typically report some soreness and discomfort that eases within two to three days. It is recommended to avoid heavy physical activity for about a week and intercourse can resume after just 3-4 weeks.

A vasectomy is often viewed as a melodramatic change in a man’s life, but this is a very unfortunate misconception. Vasectomies are safe, effective and offer long-term contraception solutions with minimal impact to daily routine besides resting post-procedure. Request an appointment with SDVC to discuss the vasectomy procedure.

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