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Age and Vasectomy: Is There an Ideal Time for the Procedure?

Age and Vasectomy: Is There an Ideal Time for the Procedure?

If you’re looking for an affordable and permanent alternative to birth control, condoms, or other contraceptives, a vasectomy may be the best option — but is there an ideal time to get the procedure? Here’s what you need to know about age and vasectomies.

Deciding on a Vasectomy

The best time in your life to get a vasectomy depends on a variety of factors. It’s important to be completely sure that you either don’t want kids at all or don’t want any more if you have children already. Men in their 20s can get vasectomies, although the average age for the procedure is 35. Most men opt to have at least one child before undergoing a vasectomy.

Are There Age Limits for Vasectomies?

In general, anyone can choose to have a vasectomy in the U.S. if they’re over the age of 18. No states legally allow vasectomies before then. Even though someone who is 18 can legally get a vasectomy, a doctor may refuse to do the procedure if they believe the individual is too young to make an informed decision or they have any health conditions that make doing the procedure risky. 

Research shows that men who get vasectomies in their 20s are more likely to get reversals than those who opt for the procedure in their 30s. So, while not much can stop you from getting a vasectomy as long as you’re a legal adult, it’s important to understand the long-term effects of the procedure before committing to it.

Can You Be Too Old for a Vasectomy?

There’s no age limit for getting a vasectomy. However, side effects like infections, hematomas (bleeding under the skin), a granuloma (a lump formed in the scrotum), and vasectomy failure are more common in older individuals. Overall, if your partner is still of child-bearing age and you want to prevent pregnancy, you’re a good candidate for a vasectomy. Otherwise, you likely won’t need the procedure.

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