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Individuals in Riverside County who are interested in getting a vasectomy, get in touch with Dr Martin Bastuba today. We regularly see patients from Moreno Valley, Corona, Jurupa Valley, Indio, and other cities across Riverside County. For more information on Dr. Bastuba and the procedure, continue reading below.

Directions to our Vasectomy Clinic from Riverside County

  1. Take Interstate 215 S ramp & merge onto I-215 S
  2. Merge onto I-15 S & keep left to stay on I-15 S
  3. Take Interstate 8 E exit toward El Centro/Interstate 8 W/Beaches/Camino del Rio S
  4. Keep left at fork, follow signs for I-8 E/El Centro & merge onto I-8 E
  5. Take College Ave exit
  6. Keep right at fork, follow signs for Alvarado Rd/College Ave S
  7. Keep left at fork, follow signs for Alvarado Rd & merge onto College Ave
  8. Turn left onto Alvarado Rd & take 1st left to stay on Alvarado Rd.
  9. Continue to 6699 Alvarado Rd #2208 (on right)

About Our Vasectomy Center

Our vasectomy clinic in San Diego sees a number of vasectomies performed on patients from Riverside County. Specializing in no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomies, Dr. Martin Bastuba’s expertise will ensure the effectiveness of the procedure. For more information on our vasectomy center, call or visit us today.

About Your Riverside County Vasectomy Surgeon

Dr. Martin Bastuba is one of the rare breed of vasectomy surgeons in the U.S. that specialize in treatments and procedures related to male fertility: roughly only 2% of board certified urologists make up this number. He is a proficient vasectomy doctor, performing over 300 procedures a year. As a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Bastuba is the go-to physician for those interested in getting a vasectomy surgery.

About the Vasectomy Procedure

The no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy procedure provides a number of benefits a typical vasectomy does not: fewer complications, reduced pain and side effects, and a faster recovery time. Dr. Bastuba does not use a needle, instead relying on a “hypospray” that numbs the area instantly. A simple, tiny incision is made to access each vas differens, which are cut, tied and placed back in. The vasectomy effectiveness is highly rated and is recommended to all of Dr. Bastuba’s patients.

Additional Information:

Please visit our vasectomy price information page for more information on cost. Read quotes and testimonials from our Riverside County patients on our reviews page.

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