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For Orange County residents interested in getting a vasectomy, contact Dr. Bastuba today for a consultation. We regularly see patients from Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, San Clemente, and other cities all across Orange County. Additional information on the procedure and our vasectomy center can be found below.

Directions to our Vasectomy Clinic from Orange County

  1. Take I-5 S toward San Diego
  2. Keep left to continue on I-805 S, follow signs for Interstate 805 S
  3. Take exit onto I-8 E toward El Cientro
  4. Take College Ave exit
  5. Keep right at fork, follow signs for Alvarado Rd/College Ave S
  6. Keep left at fork, follow signs for Alvarado Rd & merge onto College Ave
  7. Turn left onto Alvarado Rd
  8. Take 1st left to stay on Alvarado Rd & continue to 6699 Alvarado Rd #2208 (destination on right)

About Our Vasectomy Center

Dr. Martin Bastuba performs many procedures on patients from Orange County. Located in San Diego, our vasectomy center specializes in no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomies which can reduce discomfort and halve recovery by 50%. Dr. Mastuba’s vasectomy clinic and staff are here to answer any questions and concerns about the procedure.

About Your Orange County Vasectomy Surgeon

Dr. Martin Bastuba is a board certified vasectomy surgeon who specializes in no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomies. A Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Bastuba is based in San Diego, California and performs over 300 vasectomy surgeries per year. He is one of the rare 2% of vasectomy doctors that specialize in treatments related to male fertility. Dr. Bastuba is a leading, board certified urologist capable of performing such a delicate procedure.

About the Vasectomy Procedure

The no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy procedure differs from a traditional vasectomy because it offers the reduced risk of side effects and complications, while boasting a quicker recovery time. As the name implies the procedure opts out of using a needle, instead utilizing a “hypospray” that numbs the area immediately. The no-scalpel technique is minimally invasive and requires no stitches or sutures. A minute hole is cut to access the vas differentia, which are then cut, tied and inserted back. This procedure allows vasectomy effectiveness to remain high while reducing pain and discomfort while you heal.

Additional Information:

For more information on vasectomy costs, please visit our vasectomy price information page. For testimonials and ratings from our Orange County patients, please visit our read our vasectomy reviews page.

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