11:48 am Martin Bastuba

The Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Vasectomy

The Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Vasectomy

The obvious benefit of getting a vasectomy is what drives men and their partners to consider the procedure. Having permanent, reliable contraception in place removes stress, ongoing financial commitments, and the standard burden of birth control that is typically placed on the female partner alone. These, among others, are the unexpected benefits of the vasectomy procedure that you can consider on the chance that you’re currently “on the fence”. We invite prospective vasectomy patients to check out some core vasectomy benefits you might not have been aware of. 

Your partner doesn’t have to take the contraceptive lead anymore

For most women, the burden of arranging and keeping up with contraception begins around the time they decide to become sexually active and continues until menopause – a period of time that can easily amount to several decades. Contraception takes time, energy, and sometimes a financial commitment that tends to absolve male partners of zero to limited responsibility. A vasectomy puts the male partner in the driver’s seat, allowing women a chance to remove themselves from the contraceptive burden. 

This also cancels the need for women to seek a tubal ligation (also known as “having her tubes tied”), an invasive surgical procedure that cuts, blocks, removes, or ties a woman’s fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy.

You don’t have to keep paying for contraception

Contraception, such as condoms, is not necessarily unaffordable for most, but have you ever stopped to consider the cost of a year’s worth? Most insurance plans will cover the cost of having a vasectomy, and in cases where insurance coverage is not provided, patients with our practice are only asked to pay $950.  

You get to be as spontaneous as you want

In all its varying forms, contraception can have limited spontaneity. Sometimes you need to plan ahead to cover everyone’s bases to ensure that safe, protected intercourse is taking place. With a vasectomy, the contraception is permanent. The procedure’s effectiveness does not diminish over time. Once a vasectomy is deemed a success, you can move forward with confidence knowing that pregnancy is not possible. 

Please note: A vasectomy does not protect anyone against STD transmission. If transmission is possible, please continue to use condoms properly.

As you can see, pregnancy prevention is just one facet of having a vasectomy. The procedure offers men and their partners a new, exciting transition where the need for a commitment to continual contraception is removed.