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Why Do Fears of Vasectomies Persist?

Why Do Fears of Vasectomies Persist?

Many men who attend vasectomy consultations are relieved to learn that the procedure does not involve the amount of pain or the difficult recovery that they imagined.

Pop culture is guilty of dramatizing many medical procedures in ways that are both unhelpful and unrealistic, and vasectomies are still one of the most overdone plot points in TV shows and movies.

One of the best ways to address your questions and concerns about vasectomy is to schedule a consultation with a vasectomy surgeon, who will provide clear and accurate information about the procedure.

San Diego Vasectomy Center has determined some of the main reasons why fears about vasectomies persist:

  • Pop culture’s representation of the procedure is inaccurate and overly dramatic.
  • Men consult family members and friends before doing their own research or scheduling an appointment with a physician.
  • Men instinctively feel that there is no way the procedure could be anything less than unbearable, even with proper medical care.
  • Men consult nonmedical online resources, such as personal blogs, for information about the procedure.

Like any other medical decision, family planning requires much careful consideration. You wouldn’t rely on word of mouth or crowdsourcing when deciding whether to have any other surgical procedure, so why would a vasectomy be any different? It’s very important that patients consult the best possible medical resources and get answers to questions from real professionals.

So, how painful is a vasectomy?

At San Diego Vasectomy Center, we use Exparel, a long-acting anesthetic that provides pain relief for three days post-procedure. During the vasectomy, you may experience some light pulling or tugging, and some soreness is expected in the days after, but this is normally relieved by gently icing the groin area and taking over-the-counter pain relief medication. It is rare for men to experience anything beyond some discomfort and/or soreness, which usually resolve after one week.

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