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Three Important Benefits to Having a Vasectomy

Three Important Benefits to Having a Vasectomy

If you’re considering a vasectomy, then you are likely already aware of at least the basic benefits of the procedure. Whether a vasectomy takes place is entirely up to the patient and his partner, if applicable.

Family planning decisions are deeply personal, and as you complete your research on the procedure, we invite you to consider the following important benefits to having a vasectomy.

  1. Your sex drive/life could improve – Because having had a vasectomy removes the need to stop to address contraception before intercourse, many men report that their sex life actually improves because they are able to be spontaneous without fear of conception. Of course, you will need to continue to protect yourself from the spread of STDs through proper condom usage when needed.
  2. You’re able to contribute to family planning instead of taking a back seat – Outside of sole condom usage, women are typically the partner most responsible for preventing pregnancy. Women are asked to take hormone-controlling birth control pills, take injections, use implants, or have invasive surgery (tubal ligation) so conception won’t take place during the course of their relationships. Having a vasectomy allows the male partner to take charge of this, thus eliminating the need for continued medication or invasive surgery for the woman. And, as a note, a vasectomy is not considered to be invasive surgery; only some post-procedure discomfort/soreness is expected, and you can return to work within as little as two days or your average weekend.
  3. It’s permanent – Unlike a daily pill, injection, implant, or condom, a vasectomy is a permanent procedure. Success rates for the procedure at San Diego Vasectomy Center are at 99%, so once it’s deemed successful in the months after your microsurgery, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of conception again. Even without insurance coverage (and most insurance plans offer coverage for a vasectomy), the procedure costs under $1,000. So you can take care of the next one, two, three, or more decades of contraception in one 30-minute or less appointment at our facility.

We invite you to request a consultation with Dr. Martin Bastuba of San Diego Vasectomy Center today. Dr. Bastuba can address any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure, including your recovery, success rates, and more.