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How to Support Your Partner After He’s Had a Vasectomy

How to Support Your Partner After He’s Had a Vasectomy

Getting a vasectomy is quick (usually under 30 minutes) and virtually painless these days, thanks to the use of the no-needle no-scalpel approach. However, it never hurts to show your partner a little TLC when the time comes for him to recover from vasectomy surgery.

Most men experience mild, if any, discomfort or soreness following this procedure. Here are a few ways to help him feel better and heal properly.

Drive him home ‒ Patients tend to wake up from anesthesia feeling groggy or even confused. It’s best they have someone there to give them a friendly smile, guide them to the exit and drive them safely home.

Soothe healing tissue with ice ‒ If your partner does experience soreness, you can place an ice pack on his groin. Consider having one ready for the drive home to help ease his discomfort straightaway. An insulated lunchbox or small portable cooler can keep an ice pack or bag of frozen peas cold during the surgery.

Provide a recovery oasis ‒ Your partner will need to rest for one to three days following his vasectomy. Rather than waiting until you get home from the procedure, take a little time beforehand to make up the bed or couch, surround it with reading material or relaxing activities, and keep a path cleared between the resting area and a bathroom.

Help with heavy lifting ‒ If you’re used to your partner throwing out the trash or lifting heavy laundry, it’s best to either set those chores aside or perform them yourself. Your partner needs to avoid heavy lifting for at least three days following his vasectomy.

Choose your words carefully ‒ As soon as your partner and you feel ready to engage in sexual intercourse again (after four weeks or so), you might observe a little bruising or swelling near the testicles. This is completely normal, but it might make him feel self-conscious. Depending on his level of sensitivity, it could be wise to mention your observations only if they need attention from his medical provider.

Continue to use contraception…for just a bit longer ‒ Your partner will undergo semen analysis several weeks after his vasectomy to make sure the procedure was completely successful. Until this analysis is complete, it’s best to continue using birth control, condoms, a diaphragm or any other form of temporary contraception that you’re comfortable using.

Getting a vasectomy is less disruptive to your lives than many other surgeries, but it still requires recovery time. During this period, support your partner through any discomfort, rest or minor inconvenience his vasectomy poses.