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How To Plan for a Vasectomy Before the End of The Year

How To Plan for a Vasectomy Before the End of The Year

For some men, the question of whether or not to get a vasectomy may have been on the table for months, or even years. Regardless of your situation, if you’re considering getting a vasectomy before the end of this year, there are ways to get a plan in motion. Having a plan makes people feel confident and in control. This can help when it comes to moving forward with permanent contraception.

  1. A vasectomy should always be considered to be a permanent form of contraception, regardless of the possibility of a reversal. Are you ready for that? Vasectomies are intended to be permanent. So you and your partner, if applicable, should be 100% sure that you have completed your family or do not intend to have children.

    If you are not entirely sure, then there are options you can consider. You could decide to not move forward with a vasectomy at this time. Or, you may decide on sperm banking, also known as sperm freezing. With frozen sperm stored safely in a bank, you could get a vasectomy and still have the option of using it in the future.
  2. Vasectomies require a short period of recovery. Do you have a time frame in mind where this is possible and/or convenient? Most men feel comfortable returning to their daily routines (outside of physical manual labor) within 1-2 days of having a vasectomy. Many patients select holiday weekends, where they can rest for up to three days to ensure optimal comfort before returning to work. Or, you may prefer to schedule an appointment on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.
  3. Vasectomies need to be confirmed successful for a few months after the procedure. Would you be a responsible patient who can attend this appointment on time? Vasectomy failures are rare, but they do happen. Your surgeon will make it very clear that unprotected intercourse should not occur until the clinic confirms the vasectomy is successful.

    This requires visiting the clinic once more months after the procedure. During this visit, you’ll have your semen tested for sperm. If sperm is present, the vasectomy was not a success, and options will need to be discussed. If not found, your vasectomy was successful. You can then proceed without birth control if that is your desire. However, if there is any risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease, then you will need to continue wearing condoms, as vasectomies do not protect you from STDs.

Are you confident moving forward with the above points in mind? If so, and you wish to schedule your vasectomy before the end of this year, you can request an appointment with the San Diego Vasectomy Center.