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Family Planning Preparation in 2020

Family Planning Preparation in 2020

Whether you’re looking to build a family or keep things as they are, there are many ways to approach the process of family planning. When considering the best option for you, the subject should be approached with mindfulness and foresight – especially if you’re unsure about having children.

If you’re single, you need to think about how each option will potentially impact you not only in the present but also in the future. And if you’re in a relationship, it’s crucial that you have a family planning dialogue with your partner so that you both can express your expectations and desires. Understanding the nuances of these sensitive topics will ultimately make you better equipped to make a decision that perfectly suits your life.

Temporary Contraception

If you know you don’t want a child now but think you might want one in the future, temporary contraception is your best bet. This is a form of birth control that allows you to prevent pregnancies for only as long as you wish to.

The most commonly used forms of temporary contraception are condoms and other barrier methods (diaphragms, sponges, and cervical caps). Aside from condoms, most temporary contraception methods – including hormonal methods (e.g., birth control pills), intrauterine devices (IUDs), and emergency contraceptives – are utilized or relegated by women.

Some couples even practice a natural form of contraception by tracking menstruation, ovulation, cervical mucus, and/or basal body temperature and using the data to determine whether it is safe to have sex. Although this can be effective, it is best to consult with a physician before relying on this method.

Permanent Contraception

For individuals and couples who are certain that they never want to have children, there are more permanent forms of contraception. The procedure for women is tubal ligation, and for men, it’s a vasectomy.

As far as permanent contraceptives go, vasectomies are an ideal choice. Not only are they 99% effective as a form of birth control, but they are also relatively noninvasive and affordable in comparison to tubal ligation. Furthermore, some methods of vasectomy, such as the no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy, have minimal pain and side effects.

Sperm Banking – the Best of Both Worlds

If you think there’s even the smallest possibility that you might want to have children one day but still want to prevent unplanned pregnancies permanently, you could choose to freeze the male partner’s sperm prior to a vasectomy. By freezing sperm and storing them in a sperm bank, you have the option to preserve your fertility while still maintaining your family planning preparation.

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