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3 Reasons Why a Vasectomy Might Not Be Right for You

3 Reasons Why a Vasectomy Might Not Be Right for You

A vasectomy is an excellent option for many men, it is a form of permanent contraception with a high success rate and brief recovery period. The entire procedure is normally around 10-20 minutes, and most men can return to their normal routines within a couple of days. It relieves female partners from the burden of being solely in charge of contraception, saves time and money in place of condoms, and allows for an increase in spontaneity for patient’s sex lives. However, despite all of the noted benefits, there are some situations in which a vasectomy is not the right choice. We know that for those weighing their options, it can be helpful to hear all sides of an option. 

Here are 3 reasons why a vasectomy might not be right for you…

  1. You are unsure whether a child or more children are in your future – Vasectomies can technically be reversed, however, your vasectomy surgeon will strongly encourage you to consider this procedure to be permanent. If you are on the fence or open to the possibility of further family planning, then a vasectomy is probably not your best choice at this time. You can always revisit this option moving forward when you are fully confident that you are done with having children. 
  2. You are not in a stable relationship – This can be a difficult area to measure, but in cases where an individual would regret having had a vasectomy, it could be due to the fact that the relationship where the vasectomy took place ends (e.g. divorce), and they are now in a new relationship where children are desired. If you are uneasy about the state of your relationship, a vasectomy is not advised as a family planning choice or even a contraceptive choice. 
  3. You haven’t come to an agreement with your partner – Your body is your own, that is not to be argued. However, we do advise that both parties in a relationship are on the same page with a vasectomy taking place. Usually, this route comes as a great relief to female partners who have long beard contraceptive responsibility alone and now can take a break from the pills, injections, patches, IUDs, etc. that they have used since they were first sexually active. 

Here are some important questions to ask yourself (and some for your partner too) prior to scheduling your vasectomy consultation

  • If my vasectomy cannot be reversed for whatever reason and I/we wanted a child, would adoption be an acceptable path?
  • If I were to experience a significant change in my life, such as a divorce or loss of my partner or even child/children, would I want to have more children with a new partner? 
  • Should I consider sperm freezing so I can have children if I happen to change my mind post-vasectomy? 
  • Is this the right time for a vasectomy or should I revisit the idea in a few years?
  • Am I emotionally prepared to not have a child or have more children?