8:21 pm Martin Bastuba

Top 3 Reasons to Book Your Vasectomy Now for the Holiday Season

Top 3 Reasons to Book Your Vasectomy Now for the Holiday Season

Did you know that now is the perfect time to schedule your vasectomy?

The end of October kicks of the typical mainstream holiday season in the U.S., and from now until the start of January many men will consider these coming months an ideal time to undergo a vasectomy. This line of thought is pretty common, and booking your vasectomy for the holiday season actually holds a number of benefits, which we’ve detailed below.

Cost – The low cost of a vasectomy will not interfere will your holiday budget. The holiday season can be an expensive time for some couples and families, but the vasectomy procedure is actually covered by most insurance providers.

Should your provided not cover the cost of your vasectomy, or if you are out of network, San Diego Vasectomy Center (SDVC) offers a vasectomy for the low-cost of $1,395. This option is significantly cheaper than the female alternative which is to have a tubal ligation.

Recovery – Vasectomy recovery is actually pretty straightforward. After all, the entire procedure only lasts up to 30 minutes, and most patients wake up from anesthesia only feeling a bit tired. The holiday season is the perfect time to undergo a vasectomy as it offers opportunities to take a much-deserved rest from your daily routine. Patients are advised to rest during the 24 hours period post-procedure, and should only feel some soreness or minor swelling. You can return to work with two to three days after having a vasectomy, so a long weekend or break during the week is all that is needed.

Technique – Thanks to the No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy technique utilized by Dr. Bastuba of SDVC, the vasectomy procedure is not an invasive one. Compared to alternatives such as the female tubal ligation, a vasectomy is a preferred option as it involves a short recovery time because it is so much less involved than a fully surgical tubal ligation. The technique was designed in order to provide patients with a no-pain option for permanent birth control, and uses an anesthetic (Exparel) that lasts for three days after the procedure.

It may seem strange to schedule your vasectomy during the holiday season, but undergoing a vasectomy does not have to interfere with your plans or budget. Take advantage of the No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy during the holidays and enjoy a 99% effective form of permanent birth control.