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The Role of Partners in Vasectomy Decision-Making

The Role of Partners in Vasectomy Decision-Making

They say, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and this is especially true when deciding on having a vasectomy. While only one person is undergoing surgery, their partner’s life will also be affected. Therefore, couples need to first have a detailed, open discussion about the procedure, including any motivations, the surgery itself, and its implications.   

A Vasectomy’s Impact Goes Beyond the Physical

Vasectomies are very safe, common, and effective, with a success rate of 99%. That doesn’t mean it’s a simple decision, though. While this outpatient procedure has little pain, pulling or tugging and localized aching for a few days are common. There may also be some complications and side effects, like bruising.

You may have concerns about the procedure itself and the long-term ramifications. Other than abstinence, a vasectomy is considered the most effective form of birth control. This can be a touchy matter for some couples, as a man will be permanently unable to have children. While some men may experience some psychological effects afterward, they may find it helpful to speak with their urologist, as they’re prepared to address these concerns.

How Couples Should Discuss Having A Vasectomy

In light of this significant life change, couples should be completely comfortable before scheduling the procedure. You both need to have an open, honest conversation, and while it may be emotionally uncomfortable, you can make it go a little easier.  

Learn All About the Vasectomy Procedure

When discussing a vasectomy, it’s important to know what’s involved before, during, and afterward, including the recovery period. One important thing to note is that vasectomies have no impact on male libido or testosterone levels. Research also shows no association between vasectomies and higher disease risks, including cancer. You should discuss any negative information, like potential risks and complications. For instance, with vasectomies, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are still possible, making additional protection, like condoms, necessary.  

Stay Clear-Headed and Organized 

It may be helpful to make plans for the actual vasectomy conversation, including scheduling a specific day and time. You may not want to discuss this when your partner gets home from work, as they might be tired and stressed. Instead, consider having it when you’re relaxed and free of distractions. Once you’ve come to a mutual decision, and you’re ready to schedule the procedure, be sure to find an expert vasectomy surgeon and set up a consultation. Both partners should be involved in any post-operative directions and follow-up instructions.

Be Supportive Of Each Other

Whether in favor of or against having a vasectomy, it may take some time to persuade your partner. Despite its benefits, it’s natural for men to have second thoughts. Your goal is to avoid confrontation while laying the groundwork for a larger discussion. You’ll need to give your partner some space, allowing them to process what you’ve discussed.

Both Partners Should Be Involved In The Vasectomy Decision

Although a vasectomy’s safe, effective, and relatively painless, couples need to openly and honestly discuss having this procedure. Whether you have related questions, or you’ve decided to have the procedure, we encourage you to contact The San Diego Vasectomy Center for an appointment.