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Why Men Get a Vasectomy

Why Men Get a Vasectomy

The decision to get have a No Needle, No Scalpel vasectomy can come from a wide variety of personal motives, but at the San Diego Vasectomy Center we’ve been able to narrow down the top reasons why men choose to have a vasectomy. If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not a vasectomy is the right choice for you, check out our list below.

Top reasons why men get a vasectomy:

Vasectomies are 99% effective

A vasectomy is an extremely reliable form of contraception. With a 99% effectiveness rate, vasectomies are preferred as a long-term form of birth control because the procedure is more reliable than condoms or birth control pills, for example, which are subject to human error.

Vasectomies are a low cost procedure

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of a vasectomy, with the exception of deductibles and co-pays. Vasectomies also cost less than other contraception procedures (for instance, tubal ligation). Having a vasectomy will also reduce the expense associated with other forms of contraception (condoms, the pill, IUDs, etc.) since you’ll no longer need them after the procedure. Learn more about vasectomy cost.

Vasectomies are safe and non-invasive

When compared to other long-term contraceptive procedures, such as tubal ligation for the female partner, a vasectomy is far less invasive and has lower potential for complications after the procedure.

Vasectomies can improve your sex life

Many patients of the San Diego Vasectomy Center report that having a vasectomy has improved their sex life. Men and their partners no longer have to worry about contraception to prevent a pregnancy, resulting in an increase in spontaneity as well as an overall reduction of stress the two may have undergone due to the risk of conception.

The facts remain: vasectomies are cost-effective, non-invasive and are often regarded as a means toward a healthy and satisfying sex life full of spontaneity. Even though it’s still up to you and your partner to prevent STDs after the procedure, a vasectomy allows men the ability to have a healthy sex life without fear of a pregnancy. Be sure to contact the San Diego Vasectomy Center should you have additional questions about the vasectomy procedure.