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How to Talk About a Vasectomy in Four Steps

How to Talk About a Vasectomy in Four Steps

Talking to your partner about getting a vasectomy can feel a little uncomfortable … for both you and your man. It’s no secret that many men derive confidence from their virility, and part of that is knowing (consciously or unconsciously) they possess and can share powerful sperm. However, if you and your partner have decided that having (more) children is not in the cards for you, a vasectomy can be an affordable, minimally invasive solution to the risk of pregnancy.

Our patients tell us that the best conversations they’ve had when deciding whether or not vasectomy is right for them to start with knowledge and honesty. If you begin with a comfortable chat about your family planning goals and subsequently determine that you are on the same page as a couple, you can then talk through your options, including the vasectomy procedure, side effects, and cost.

Step 1: Set the stage

Nobody likes to have a crucial conversation on the fly. Prepare your partner for the vasectomy talk by scheduling a time and place for this important discussion. If you sense your partner is uncomfortable about the prospect of getting a vasectomy, refer to the talk as a “family planning” conversation instead of flatly stating, “We need to talk about vasectomy.”

Step 2: Discuss your options

If you and your partner have decided not to have (more) children, you have several birth control options to consider:

  • Abstinence or scheduling intercourse to avoid ovulation
  • Birth control, including contraceptive devices and “the pill”
  • Tubal ligation for the female partner (i.e., having her “tubes tied”)

The final choice is vasectomy, and why should you choose vasectomy? “Vasectomy is undergone by roughly 500,000 American men each year,” explains Dr. Martin Bastuba, our leading vasectomy surgeon. “It’s a 99 percent effective, low-cost and low-risk procedure.”

Step 3: Explore the vasectomy choice

The fact that vasectomy provides an effective form of birth control makes it a sound choice. You and your partner are less likely to feel stress about intercourse if you’re confident about your ability to avoid getting pregnant. Plus, the odds are good that your insurance company will cover the cost of vasectomy, making this sterility option a cost-effective choice, too.

It’s also important to speak honestly about the risks and side effects of vasectomy so your partner feels mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for the procedure. Tubal ligation for women is an invasive procedure that can result in months of recovery, while a vasectomy is minimally invasive and the patient heals in just a few days. Vasectomy patients typically endure minor discomfort for about 24 hours following this 10-to-30-minute procedure. In rare cases, vasectomy does pose some long-term risks that are also important to discuss. However, it’s a good idea to let your vasectomy provider explain these minor risks and complications to ensure accuracy.

Step 4: Choose vasectomy

Your partner might decide he wants to think about the vasectomy option for a bit before committing. However, once the decision has been made, scheduling a vasectomy at San Diego Vasectomy Center is easy.

Remember, having a vasectomy might be a bit intimidating for your partner. It’s important to give him encouragement and emotional support along the way.