12:05 pm Martin Bastuba

How To Talk About Having a Vasectomy

How To Talk About Having a Vasectomy

Everyone has a degree of comfort when it comes to discussing their personal life, even with family and friends. This tends to be especially true when it comes to someone’s sex life, including family planning and contraception. How much you share and with whom is entirely your choice and should be respected, though sometimes we want to talk to others about things that we’re not really sure how best to address. Having a vasectomy can be one of these topics, and if you’re comfortable broaching the subject then we wanted to offer some ways to make the conversation a little easier. 

Have a plan in place

Think about how you’d like the conversation to play out and anticipate the questions you’re likely to face. Additionally, it helps to be aware that not everyone is familiar with the reality of a vasectomy and may be relying on information they learned from a TV show or somewhere else from popular culture, which is to say that it might not be accurate. You may be put in a position where you have to educate a family member or friend about the procedure before actually having the discussion. 

Be prepared to be your own advocate

How you decide to plan for your contraceptive needs is your own business. Some people can be in favor of getting a vasectomy while others will be against it, and neither viewpoint is wrong. The decision to have a vasectomy may rub some people the wrong way, they may ask why you’re not pursuing alternatives (tubal ligation, birth control, condoms, etc.). You may find that you need to explain your decision and hopefully, if there are any disagreements, then they can be settled amicably without controversy. 

Offer positive information directly

You wouldn’t be getting a vasectomy if you didn’t believe that it would not have a clear benefit to your life. Preventing pregnancy, an increase in spontaneity within your sex life, and having confidence in your family planning decisions are all excellent reasons to seek a vasectomy. It’s possible that there are benefits whomever you’re speaking with hasn’t yet considered. 

At the end of the day, what you share about your personal life and who you share it with is entirely up to you. There may be misunderstandings, myths, and skepticism, but if you know that having a vasectomy is the right choice for your future, then it doesn’t really matter if someone else is unsure.