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How Does a Vasectomy Affect Ejaculation?

How Does a Vasectomy Affect Ejaculation?

For many men, vasectomies offer myriad advantages. In addition to being a permanent form of birth control that is more than 99% effective, the procedure is also low risk and low cost. However, in spite of all the benefits, a number of men are unsure about it due to misconceptions they have about the procedure. One of the most persistent misconceptions about vasectomies is that it will have an impact on sexual activity and most notably that it will cause problems with ejaculation. However, this is simply not true.

How the Male Reproductive System Works

To understand how a vasectomy does and does not affect ejaculation, it helps to understand the anatomy of the male reproductive system and how sperm and semen come together in an ejaculation. First, sperm is created in the testicles before being matured and stored in the epididymis, which is a tube located behind the testes. The epididymis connects to the vas deferens, which in turn connects to the penis.

During sexual arousal, the sperm is transported from the epididymis to the penis via the vas deferens. It is during this process that the sperm is combined with semen, which is a fluid produced by the seminal vesicles and sexual glands. The semen, which is composed of enzymes and fructose, is designed to improve the sperm’s chances for survival and the ability to swim.

What Happens to Semen After a Vasectomy?

In a vasectomy, the vas deferens is cut and tied, thus disrupting the flow of sperm into the penis. Sperm is still produced in the testicles and matured in the epididymis but, without the vas deferens intact, it is unable to push into the penis during sexual activity. However, even though the sperm has nowhere to go, the rest of the reproductive system continues to function as normal.

This means that the seminal vesicles and sexual glands continue to produce semen, which, unaffected by the lack of sperm, continues to be expelled from the penis during orgasm. The amount and texture of semen will be the same as before, as will the sensation of orgasm.

What About Right After a Vasectomy?

Although your ejaculation will feel the same after a vasectomy, it’s important to wait for a little while after the procedure before trying to masturbate or have sex. At this point, you may be experiencing swelling or mild discomfort due to the healing process, but you should be able to resume sexual activity fairly soon afterward. You should also be wary of having unprotected sex for the first few months, as you may still have active sperm present in your semen. As such, your doctor will have you return to the clinic about three months after the procedure in order to test your semen.

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A successful vasectomy will have no impact on how you experience ejaculation and can actually help improve your sex life. To learn more about vasectomies, please contact us today.