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The Top Three Candidates for a No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy

The Top Three Candidates for a No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy

The modern vasectomy procedure allows for greater ease and comfort with a faster recovery period – but is it right for you?

The No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy has many advantages, including microscopic incisions and fast recovery time. Any fear or anxiety about your groin being “cut open” or being on bedrest for a week is unfounded. If you’re still on the fence about whether a vasectomy is best for your family planning needs, review our list of the top three candidates for a No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy below.

  1. You are 100 percent sure you are done building your family.

Yes, you can reverse your vasectomy, but this does not mean the procedure should be treated lightly. Vasectomies are intended to be permanent, so if you and your partner are certain that you have completed your family, then a vasectomy is an ideal birth control method that’s 99 percent effective and ensures you will not face an unexpected pregnancy in the future.

  1. Your (female) partner does not desire a tubal ligation.

Tubal ligations are more costly than a vasectomy, they require a much longer recovery period and they are more invasive than the No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy. The vasectomy procedure allows men to take control of family planning and remove responsibility from the female partner, where contraceptive choices typically fall.

  1. You want contraception to be cheaper.

The price of condoms and other forms of birth control not covered by insurance can certainly add up over time, especially over the course of a man’s life. Fortunately, vasectomies are covered by most insurance carriers so the procedure is of little to no cost for most insured men. Vasectomies are highly effective, and once completed, they do not carry the same risk of human error in the way that condoms or the birth control pill do.

Maybe a vasectomy isn’t right for every man, but the procedure has been growing in popularity over the last five years or so as more men realize they can proactively take control of family planning instead of relying on condoms or their female partner to take birth control medication. If you’re looking for permanent contraception that allows you to return to work in less than a week and resume sexual intercourse in less than two weeks, request an appointment with Dr. Bastuba at SDVC today.